Alex Danson

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Top Health and Fitness Tips
  • Bikram, cycling, walking, climbing
  • Vegetarian plant-based diet
  • Find a friend to work out with
  • Join a club
  • Set yourself small targets
  • Celebrate goals you reach
  • Lots of fresh veg

Youth Sport Trust Athlete Mentor.

Interests and Hobbies

I love to cycle, surf and climb.

Are there any sports personalities you admire?

Katherine Grainger – for me, she epitomises perseverance, hard work and belief.

What would you like to do after hockey?

I would like to work in education, specifically helping to implement changes in the structure of our primary provisions and the PE and sporting opportunities for every young person. I’m also considering a Masters in Education.

What is your proudest achievement within hockey?

Helping implement the Central Program and Winning an Olympic Bronze medal. Euros Gold, Olympic Gold.

What is your proudest achievement outside hockey?

Receiving my degree after 10 years of study – something as a youngster I never thought I would be able to achieve – and watching a student I had mentored over five years win the ‘Sky Sports Student of the Year Award‘.

Alex Danson

I love to keep active by cycling, surfing and climbing. I love to keep active by cycling, surfing and climbing.

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