Giselle Ansley

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Top Health and Fitness Tips
  • Tennis, squash, kayaking
  • Everything in moderation – carbs are a crucial part of fuelling your body for performance
  • Do something with friends
  • Schedule exercise into your week – a plan makes it more likely to happen
  • Preparation – plan your meals makes it cheaper and healthier, prepare food ahead so you don’t end up reaching for something that isn’t optimal
  • Keep it fun and different, monotony can lead to a lack of motivation
  • Everything in moderation – includes exercise, too. Build into it and then build up the intensity to increase longevity

Coach with Living Hockey in Surbiton.

Interests and Hobbies

Enjoys baking and supporting other sports like cricket and kayaking.

Giselle Ansley

I used to play cricket to a regional level before having to choose between cricket and hockey.

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