Joie Leigh

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Top Health and Fitness Tips
  • Squash, tennis and hot yoga
  • Variety and playing other sports can develop useful skills that overlap but in a different way
  • Get into a routine, make it part of your normal life
  • Write down your goals, you’re more likely to commit if you’ve written it down or told somebody about it
  • Break the outcome of your fitness down into little process, targets and wins
  • If you don’t feel like doing the exercise, just force yourself there – you’ll feel better for it
  • Find a training buddy, always much better and stimulating with a friend or part of a group
Interests and Hobbies

I love walking and biking in the outdoors, as well as meeting friends and socialising.

Joie Leigh

Always quite sporty, tennis was originally her sport of choice (playing it to national level) before hockey proved a more appealing prospect due to the bond and buzz of playing in a team. Despite her connections with the west, she has not forgotten her northern roots and is a big fan of Yorkshire Tea.
- England Hockey

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