Lily Owsley

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Lily coaches several different teams at various clubs when she can.

Interests and Hobbies

I love to play backgammon in my spare time. Love all sport.

Are there any sports personalities you admire?

Usain Bolt – the most naturally gifted sportsman the world has ever seen.

Alexis Sanchez – his change of pace and the way he can change a game.

Kelly Holmes – she defied the odds to win two Olympic gold medals and is a great ambassador for woman in sport.

What would you like to do after hockey?

I would love to work in sport. It’s my passion in life. Sports media is always something I’ve been interested in.

What is your proudest achievement within hockey?

My first England and GB caps, plus my Commonwealth and European silver medals.

What is your proudest achievement outside hockey?

U20 800m silver medal in the English Championships, getting my 800m pb in 2012 and playing football for Bristol Academy for eight years.

Lily Owsley Lily Owsley

Until recently I was an 800m athlete.

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