Sarah Haycroft

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Top Health and Fitness Tips
  • Healthy balanced diet, cut out as much sugar as possible, beware hidden sugars
  • Get active
  • Find an activity you enjoy – you don’t have to just run
  • Get a training buddy so you can push each other on

Owns her own kit, clothing and leisure wear company – Pintail Threads. Manages the charity Suburban Hockey, which takes hockey to deprived areas, giving people the chance to play who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity.

Interests and Hobbies

Sport is a huge part of my life. When I’m not playing hockey I’m watching pretty much any other sports!

Are there any sports personalities you admire?

Being a huge Liverpool FC fan, Steven Gerrard has always been a sporting icon of mine, as well as Sir Steve Redgrave.

What would you like to do after hockey?

I love doing my charity work and being involved in something that makes a difference, so I would look to stay in that sector.

Sarah Haycroft
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